Engadine’s Nature shows up its idyllic side with its lakes, a deep blue sky and mighty peaks.  

The lakes sparkle in the sunlight. In the stone-pine forests, you may inhale the scent of its fresh resin and admire the stunning colors of the larch trees in autumn. 

No matter, if in the summer or in the winter, a visit in the upper Engadin with its breathtaking panoramic views of the mountain chains and the fascinating glaciers of the Bernina massif are well  worth an unforgettable experience.


Rhaetian Railway

Until Chur you’ll travel with the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). As from Chur you’ll be carried through twisting tunnels and over dizzying viaducts with the most modern express trains of the RhB (Rhaetian Railway). Take advantage for an even more comfortable journey by train with the Fly-luggage service. The journey from Zürich to Samedan is about 400 km / 248 Miles long and will take you around four hours. 




Those who have a preference for water and wind will well be served on the Silvaplana Lake, as the Maloja-wind will blow and ensure for breathtaking speeds on the surfboard, kiteboard or sailboat. 
Deep blue and crystal clear mountain lakes invite you to sojourn and swim in them. If you find the temperature of the lakes too cold, we may recommend a visit to the new mineral baths & SPA in Samedan.  

And why not try a complete other watersport: Fishing!

There are numerous hidden lakes between mountains and among dizzying peaks.   

Have you ever tried? Instead of going up and down along the river, get up before sunrise, take the steep path in still half-darkness and  walk up to one of these lakes to contemplate a splendid sunrise within the mountains and to catch a 100% organic trout?